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MinMax Manufactured Seam Tapes in China

MinMax Seam Sealing Tape does its best to seam tape products researching, developing, processing, selling and servicing. From launching to now, MinMax has various seam tapes series to meet different fabrics and garment acquirement.

  • PU Seam Tape
  • 2-layers PU Seam Tape
  • 3-layers Seam Tape
  • Dotted Seam Tape
  • Stretched Seam Tape
  • Protective Garment Seam Tape
  • Waterproof Zipper Tape
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Film / Tape

MinMax’s customers not only from China, but also from America, Euro, Australia and Asia. They are all professional in the market, we study and grow with each other. In future, we will develop more series for the market.

MinMax Supplies One-stop Seam Seal Tape related Service

During cooperating with more and more customers, MinMax Seam Tape learns more with them and adds more customized service to all customers.

  • Customized Color/Pattern/Logo
  • Customized Width Cutting
  • Customized Packing
MinMax Seam Seal Tape Service

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